FastKey Kiosk

// user flow, UI/UX design, microcopy


FastKey wanted to revolutionize key copying with a self-serve kiosk that gives people the freedom to make key copies whenever they need to, but their current UI was leaving users frustrated and confused. My team's task was to reimagine what their current kiosk user interface might look like and give the FastKey team the tools to make it happen.


My team and I started with a hands-on audit of the original user interface to discover areas of potential frustration. Then, armed with the insights from our research, we mapped out the new customer journey, carefully engineering the entire interaction, from the first tap of the screen to final delivery of a shiny new key.


  • Lead existing user interface audit, present findings, advocate for systems changes to benefit users 
  • Create user context personas and usability heuristics
  • Work with design team to plan out user flow scenarios and pinpoint the need for new functionality
  • Work with FastKey's engineering and development team to ensure our recommendations aligned with the kiosk hardware's technical capabilities
  • Write initial user interface copy and guidelines for future use by FastKey's team